Grizzly Bear confirmed sighting in Sullivan County, Pa

A grizzly bear was confirmed to being spotted in the small town of Shunk Pennsylvania in the states Sullivan County district. Wednesday June 28 2017 at approximately 6:30 PM in the evening a grizzly bear was spotted walking along rural route 154 When a passerby seen the animal and couldn’t believe his eyes. Scott Gibbons, a local gas employee, pulled over his truck to observe the bear and then immediately called 911. At that time the bear was just Loungin on the side of the road. In disbelief Mr. Gibbons put down his window to capture pictures of the bear. When state police arrived at the scene unbelievably the bear was still there. Sgt Richard Hurts notified animal control who identified the bear as being roughly between 5-600lbs. We are asking the residence if you spot the bear please do not approach him as he is very dangerous. This is the actual first sighting to date of any grizzly bears being spotted in the state of Pennsylvania as they are usually out west